Starting today, we’re launching a new video series: every month, we’ll be featuring a video quiz created by an iSLCollective user, and walking you through what makes it really cool and how we would use it in class. The first featured quiz is on reflexive pronouns, based on a hidden camera video about a prank where a school girl is asking passers-by to help her lift buckets full of coins.

In the tutorial video, we look at three different question types featured in the video quiz (gapfill, multiple choice, putting the words in order), talk through the four different play modes, and demonstrate casino mode. We also cover technicalities such as how to make the quiz question visible if there is a „more videos” banner, so you come across as the pro video quiz teacher that you are when you use it with your students!
Anna Csíky, iSLCollective Teacher Trainer

описание задания и pезюме сцен

Описание задания:
Different exercises like changing the word order, finding the appropriate word from the choices given
Сводка сцены:
An American Kelly is in a cafe with two friends who he met in the previous episode and ordering some drinks
Video length: 0 minutes 32 seconds
Video genre: Short film (animated or with human actors)
Тип урока: Oсновное понимание - основное понимание ("Могли ли Вы разобрать слышанные слова?")
Категории учеников:
Лицензия авторских прав: Creative Commons Атрибуция — Без производных произведений
Первый опубликованный: 2019-01-04, 17:08:25 (GMT+1)

Об авторе

Вопросы квиза (версия для печати)

1) Olya is answering ОТЛИЧНО. What does it mean?

  • good
  • great
  • bad

2) What is the weather like in the video? Сегодня...

  • жарко
  • холодно
  • не холодно

3) What did Olya answer?

  • Я хочу какао
  • Я хочу кофе
  • Что ты хочешь

4) How to ask "What do you want?" Type in Russian

Ответьте на вопрос, используя свои собственные слова

5) Can I have a tea, a coffee and a cocoa, please? Order the words.

Расставьте слова по порядку.: пожалуйста какао, чай, и кофе Можно

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здорово, весело, выполнил тест на 40%))Спасибо!
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Прекрасный метод.