"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II» (the second)

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"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II» (the second)

Когда мы узнали, что в сентябре 2015 года королева Елизавета II установит рекорд по продолжительности царствования среди британских монархов за всю историю Англии, то нам захотелось «познакомиться» с ней поближе…
Поэтому тема нашего проекта: Её Величество Елизавета II. Наша цель – помощь школьникам младшего школьного возраста в изучении культуры и истории Великобритании, в частности - знакомство с главой британского государства Её Величеством Елизаветой II.

Every Year in the gardens of Buckingham Palace several thousand citizens of the UK can talk to Elizabeth II. This event is called Garden Party.

Elizabeth II never gives interviews, but she visits and helps schools, hospitals, kindergartens and social centers.

And people welcome her "We want the Queen, we want the Queen", because they love her very much. And they can talk a lot about the royal family and ask about the queen.

Prince Edward, the youngest son of Elizabeth II, visited Petrozavodsk a few years ago.
He met with the students of Petrozavodsk, because he helps young people in 118 countries around the world.

To understand British people and to help other children to find a common language with them we prepared this project.

A British writer Robert Hardman has been writing about the Queen for 25 years ...
And we have chosen the most interesting facts about Elizabeth II.

There is a section «Did you know?» in our student`s books Starlight 3.
This section is about curious facts of life.

We made up such a section about Elisabeth II

Did you know?... that

• The Queen has got 2 birthdays each year: actual and official.
• Princess Elizabeth was given a pony for her third birthday. She likes horses. Elizabeth II is especially known for her love of corgis, too.

• She does not have a passport.

• Elizabeth first met her future husband Philip when she was only 13.

• You can write to Her Majesty at the following address:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA

We hope that our project will interest pupils from different countries.
And it will help them to find a common language with British people.
We will also be glad if someone of them takes an interest in this topic and continue our work.

This downloadable worksheet is recommended for младшие школьники and студенты-подростки at Элементарный А2 level. It is useful for honing your pupils' Чтение and Говорение skills.
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