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Moony23 2018-05-28 13:15:06

The objectives of the presentation are:
- to present the Russian alphabet to the students, the sounds are divided into four groups:
+ friends: written and pronounced similar to English
+ false friends: look familiar, pronounced differently
+ new friends: look weird, sounds are familiar
+ and strangers: look weird, sounds are new
(the groups are divided into categories according to The New Penguin Russian Course for English speakers)
-to teach how to say 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' in 2 different ways as well as 'My name is' and 'Pleased to meet you'.
I tried to structure the PPT so pupils will know all the letters in the new phrases (with the exception of Здравствуйте). It also contains a short reading exercise and a number of links to train the alphabet.
It's my first worksheet for Russian learners and I hope it will be useful for beginner students and teachers.

The present downloadable teaching material is a great resource for at level.
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